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General Questions

What is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)?

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) include organizations engaged in public service, based on ethical, cultural, social, economic, political, religious, spiritual, philanthropic or scientific & technological considerations.

What are the characteristics of an NGO?

NGOs should broadly have the following characteristics:

•            They are private, i.e., separate from Government

•            They do not return profits generated to their owners or directors

•            They are self-governing, i.e., not controlled by Government

•            They are registered organizations or informal groups, with defined aims and objectives.

How to register an NGO?

In India, a Non-Governmental Organization can be registered as Trusts, Societies, or a private limited non-profit company, under section-25 Company of the Indian Companies Act, 1956.

What is Suhanubahv Foundation?

Suhanubhav foundation is an NGO registered as charitable trust under Indian Trust Act, 1882 with its Head Office at House No.6-758/I, Kalawati Calony, Nawabi Road, Haldwani, distt. Nainital, UTTRAKHAND-263139, with an effort towards creating a safer society for women, children and people who are economically in disadvantaged position. Suhanubhav is well supported by a Law firm which will provide all logistic and legal support apart from the support of other legal professionals, medical professionals, corporate professionals and other respected persons of the society.


Which areas does Suhanubhav work in?

Suhanubhav works towards creating a safer society for women and children. It endowers to build a justice delivery system, thereby enabling the children, women and people who are economically in disadvantaged background to be aware of their legal and constitutional rights as also of the Government’s schemes and privileges meant for them and assist the system, govt. agencies for their effective implementation and delivery of justice on time.

What is Suhanubhav’s mission in India?

Providing free legal aid to women; promotion and protection of child rights.

How does Suhanubhav reach out for basic rights to children?

Suhanubhav believes that community mobilisation is one of the key aspects of ensuring sustainable change. Our approach will ensure that children, their parents and communities are informed about their rights and engage with their local government bodies to make sure that the root causes of their immediate problems are solved. Apart from providing the mechanism to disseminate the information’s about child rights, Suhanubhav will provide all legal/Medical support for the protection of child rights.

How do I make an online donation?

You can make the payment through Net banking/Cheque/Cash. The details of Bank A/c are given in website (GO TO ‘REACH US’ AT TOP RIGHT CORNER OF THE PAGE AND CLICK ‘DONATE’ OR CLICK THE QUESTION MARK WHICH IS DISPLAYED AT THE RIGHT CORNER OF THE PAGE)

Will my small contribution make a difference?

A small amount goes a long way. Taken together, it is these seemingly small contributions that collectively add up to a large amount needed to effect change. There are people all over who are concerned about the situation of children and who want to do something to change it. However, with their own commitments and pressures do not allow them to go out and directly work with children. Suhanubhav provides them the opportunity to help in whatever way they can. They can contribute their money, materials, time, or skills. When everybody comes together and pitches in, no task is impossible. This COLLECTIVE ACTION has an impact and brings about change. Every individual’s contribution is important.

“Let us stand and speak for the safety of women and protection of child rights”.

Are Suhanubhav employees paid for their work?

The full-time employees are given regular salaries. We believe that this is important to attract the professional talent we need to manage our activities (and your resources) effectively. It is important to note, however, that Suhanubhav salaries are modest in comparison with commercial organisations.

Where can I find more information about Suhanubhav?

Please take some time to browse this website and do not hesitate to contact us if you still have questions.

How can I contact Suhanubhav if I have questions or need help?

Contact No – 9672405787


For help – contact@suhanubhav.com

For any other queries -  info@suhanubhav.com

You can also contact by writing directly at our website (GO TO REACH US AT THE TOP RIGHT CORNER OF THE PAGE AND CLICK CONTACT US)

For feedback, you can email us or write to us directly at our website (GO TO REACH US AT THE TOP RIGHT CORNER OF THE PAGE AND CLICK FEEDBACK FORM)

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